We tried to cover the most frequently asked questions by answering them in this section. If however you have any questions you can contact us.

From the ring road of Thessaloniki pick the direction to Chalkidiki. When you find yourself in Mudanya follow the exit with destination to Sithonia. Follow this road, you will pass Nikiti and after 2 km on the right turn leads to Marmara and the left to Sarti. Both roadslead to Kalamitsi. From Marmara, the route is approximately 4 kilometers shorter and has fewer turns. From Sarti the view is more beautiful.

  • From Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport the distance is 130 km.
  • From the city center of Thessaloniki 140 km.
  • The available public transport is the bus line to Chalkidiki. The journey duration is 4 hours and there are four routes a day.
  • The other alternative is taking a taxi with the journey duration being 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Hitchhiking is not recommend it.

In order to reassure your accommodation in one of the houses we suggest to make reservations as soon as possible. If there is availability though, even last minute reservations can work.

The shorter duration is 3 nights. The largest is for the whole season from 01/05 to 30/09. Our facilities are serving from 01/05 until 30/09.

You can pay with cash, by making a wire transfer to our account whose information and details is included in the reservation section of our website, and through PayPal. If you choose to book a room, the deposit should be made in 48hours. In our website, credit card payment mechanism is 100% safe and guaranteed by our bank institution. Also if you wish to pay by credit card through PAY-PAL, you can do so but only from your place of residence.

Of course. As soon as we receive your down payment ( 30% of the total amount ) we'll send you an email that confirms reservation in your name with the exact dates of arrival and departure and the amount of persons coming.

You can come earlier or leave later in consultation with us if the house is free. In case of late departure a surcharge equivalent to 50% of the daily rate applies and you must free the house before 20:00.

Free cancellation.
Booking without deposit.

The kitchen includes: salad, soup and dinner plates for eight persons with equal amount of utensils (spoons, knives and forks as well as teaspoons for eight), three salad bowls, stainless steel serving platter, citrus juicer, spatula and cooking spoons and utensils, grader, potatoe peeler, bread knife, vegetable knife and chef's knife, tea strainer, salt and pepper shakers, stainless steel tongues, basket for bread.Glasses for water and wine, coffee cups and cups of Greek coffee, as well as containers for sugar and coffee. We also have two oven size baking dishes, small and large frying pan, small and large pot, stainless steel mixing bowl, medium strainer and colander. Appliances include full size refrigerator, big size stove with oven, dishwasher, coffee machine, and water boiler (available on demand). In the kitchen there is a dining table for six with a table extension to sit eight people. In the living room there is a satellite flat screen TV. Air Conditioning (inverters) for heating and cooling, exist one on each floor, total three. The washer is in the middle bathroom, and the clothes hanger with clothes pins are on the large balcony adjoined to the middle bathroom. In the small bathroom you will find a broom and dustpan as well as a mop and pail. The garbage can is in the kitchen. Tables and chairs for eight people are in the garden for the exclusive use of each house with a large ambrella. One small table and two chairs you will find in each of the first floor balconies. In the garden there is a built barbeque and close to it there are two large wooden tables with four wooden benches that can accommodate large groups. In the garden there is a playground available for our young guests.

  • Cleaning is charged 60 euros extra.
  • The transfer from and to the airport costs 150 euros each way.
  • Significant damage or loss in homes. (Does not count as damage, any kind of disposable damage like a light bulb, a broken glass or dish etc. As damage is regarded breaking a whole crockery, a broken or a worn out furniture, damages in the windows, a broken sink, basin etc.).

In our facilities we promote the harmonious coexistence of all, the guests respect the quiet hours in the afternoon from 14:30 to 17:30 and in the evening from 24:00 - 09:00.

: Kalamitsi, Chalkidiki
: +30 2375094041
: +30 6949645710
: +30 6994999608
: +30 2375094041
: info@pareakalamitsi.com

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